Affinity Distinctive Jewellery


formal dresses NZ: Wedding Dresses,Bridesmaid Dresses,Ball Prom Dresses,Cocktail GownsOver 65 years have been spent evolving Affinity Distinctive Jewellery to achieve the standard of offering, service and integrity enjoyed today. With a presence which has built personal and professional relationships since 1948, Affinity maintains one of Southwestern Ontario’s most sought after jewellery destinations.

Proudly Canadian, Affinity Distinctive Jewellery is stocked with Canadian made goods from our nation’s leading manufactures. With an extensive showroom of jewellery for every taste and budget, Affinity also offers full service repairs on fine goods and watches.

We are also the home and brain child of brands carried by other retail locations. One example is Heartprints™, the original line of jewellery featuring the unique fingerprint of a loved one. Heartprints has been purchased by tens of thousands of people from around the world. ICEfind was also developed as the next generation medical assistance jewellery line. ICEfind has brought a new dimension and approach to finding critical information in times of distress. This patent-pending, low-cost safety device is field tested and made a difference when minutes count.

Great pride is taken in the quality and standard of commitment to our clientele. Our attention to detail, creative approach to design and cutting edge methods of custom production set us apart from the field. Jewellery and diamond purchases require both an emotional and monetary investment. Visit Affinity and let our offering, innovation and sincerity do you proud.


Integrity – Eternity – Affinity